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BSI Newsletter September

BSI Newsletter

Good Afternoon Families,

We hope you have had a pleasant week and have had a smooth transition to the new school year. All forms of communication are up and running as of Tuesday of this week and our site has been updated with current information for this school year.

Morning Drop Off Safety Concerns
If you are driving your child to school in the morning we are asking that you not park in front of the school. If you pull in front of the school, you are stopping school buses from arriving. If you double park you are endangering other students. This is a safety concern and we ask families to be vigilant.

BSI day begins at 8am and students should be at school no later than 8:25am in order to make it upstairs by 8:30am. All students enter the school building through the main entrance. Once in the building, students proceed to their designated areas. It is important for the safety of all that parents/families drop off their child(ren) at the door without entering the building. We know this transition may take a few days and we will be there to help.

  • Kindergarten through Grade 4 students make their way to the cafeteria. There are adults stationed throughout the building to ensure that they safely get to their cafeteria table where teachers will pick them up at 8:25am to go upstairs. Breakfast is served until 8:20am and for any student who did not get a chance to eat a to-go breakfast is available.
  • Grade 5 through Grade 8 students walk to the school yard until 8:25 am during which time all students go upstairs to their classrooms. In the event of rain students gather in the auditorium.
Dismissal: Student Pick Up
We are asking parents to not wait for their child at the doors. There are class signs posted on the walls outlining where each class will be. Pick ups need to happen from outlined line up spots. This will allow teachers to safely exit the building during the dismissal process and account for every single student.
Bus Safety

Our work around safe dismissal and safety on the bus is going in the right direction. Most students have dismissal tags that are created once a permanent dismissal plan has been submitted. By the end of the week all students in grades K-5 will have dismissal tags. Students have been introduced to their bus drivers as well as bus aides that board them on the bus, take attendance and ensure a smooth transition from the school building to the bus. We will continue to have monthly meetings with all bus groups and teach into essential learning concepts/safe riding practices. Our goal is to reinforce safe behaviors for riding on the bus. If your child rides one of the OPT buses, please reinforce what we have been covering in school which is respectful and safe bus behavior. Bus contracts will be sent home on Thursday for students and parents to go over and sign.

School Lunch

Lunch is now at no charge to ALL students.The New York City Department of Education (DOE) is pleased to announce that starting this school year, lunch is now completely free for all students in every New York City public school. Breakfast is already provided for free and now all meals will be served at no charge to families.

All parents, regardless of income, must still complete a School Meals Form. Please complete the form online at by December 29, 2017.


Middle School News

School Loop (Grades 4-8)

School Loop should be up and running by Monday.  A parent how-to workshop will be held on September 26th. There will be a morning session at 8am and an afternoon session at 3pm.

High School Process

Our amazing Guidance Counselor, Valerie Durandise, has been sharing a lot of information on the blog and will continue to do so throughout the year. High school open houses are taking place, check here for more information.


American Debate League Club will be running after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3 to 5 pm. On September 26th we will have our initial meeting where students will be divided into two groups, novices and advanced. If your child would like to participate please make sure that they can stay for the placement meeting on 9/26/17 from 3 to 5 pm as well as be able to commit to Tuesdays or Thursdays for the entire year in order to be part of the team. If you would like to register your child click here.

It’s a new school year and the Xposure team has been working tirelessly on eXciting, new programming to engage and inspire our student interns in a brand new way. Xposure Mott Hall programming will begin on Tuesday, September, 19, 2:45PM -5:45PM. Courses are offered in 12 week cycles. At the end of each cycle students will have the option to re-enroll in the course to dive deeper into the concepts presented or broaden their horizons by tackling a new course.

Below you will find an outline of the courses:

F.L.I.C.K (Future Leaders Incorporating Cinematic Knowledge)

Designed to introduce students to basic methods and practices in film, while exposing them to artists and the business of this field. The course will provide an overview of techniques ranging from filming scenes, to directing films. Each class will consist of a short demonstration, viewing of related works, hands-on experimentation, and critique. Assignments will further student’s exploration of approaches and techniques.

Animagination (Animation) 

Animation is the illusion of life, “Animagination” is designed to introduce students to the basic principles of animation and storytelling through an overview of techniques ranging between hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation and 2D After Effects Animation. Each class will begin with a hearty greeting and an “Animated Clip of the Day”, which can include an animated classic as simple and timeless as a Looney Tunes short, or an independently created animated short taking place present in the world of animation through independent creators. Afterward, students will be exposed to a short demonstration of the project at hand and given the remainder of class to work on it along side the instructor assisting as needed. The course will conclude with the creation of an animated short featuring an original character(s) and story developed and produced by a small team of students.

#Squad3D (3D Modeling and Printing)

3D modeling is the use of software to create a virtual three-dimensional model of some physical object. 3D modeling is used in many different industries including virtual reality, video games, 3D printing, marketing, tv and motion pictures, scientific, medical imaging, design, and manufacturing industries. This course is designed to take the students through beginner – intermediate level projects that introduce them to the different type of industries 3D modeling is used in. Every project that each student completes will be able to be 3D printed and showcased for that student’s particular portfolio along with a digital image capture of the 3D models as well.

Homework, Tutoring and Tests

Help with homework, preparation for upcoming tests, SHSAT and Regents.

  • Start Date: September, 19 2017
  • Classes are from 2:50pm-5:45pm.

Click here to register.


Upcoming Events:

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(for details go to the main calendar and click on the event details)

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