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March PTCs Sign-Up


On ​Thursday, March 4th, Cohort B ​students will be dismissed at the following times: 

  • K-2nd – 11:25
  • 3rd-5th – 11:35
  • 6th-8th – 11:45

Cohort A, C and D will also have a half-day due to Parent-Teacher Conferences, which will end at 11:50 am. 

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held in the afternoon and evening. 

  • Grades K, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5  conferences will be with homeroom teachers. 
  • Grades 6, 7, 8-  Parents can sign up to see either student’s ELA or Math teacher. An additional appointment can be scheduled ONLY if there are open slots as of Wednesday 3/3/2021.  If more than one appointment is booked prior to Wednesday 3/3/2021, the second appointment will automatically be canceled by the system to ensure that each family has an opportunity to have a conference.  
  • CLUSTER Teachers will be available. Families with siblings sign up for one spot PER FAMILY. 
  • Special Education teacher conferences will be scheduled on an as-need basis. Please reach out directly to the teacher.


  • Use your time wisely- ​Due to time constraints, all conferences are limited in length. If a longer conference is required, you may request an appointment for another day during Office Hours.
  • Please be respectful of everyone’s time and arrive to Zoom a few minutes earlier. You will be able to wait in the Zoom Waiting Room.   
  • Prioritize – Decide which teacher is the most important to see. Sign up to see that teacher FIRST. An additional appointment can be scheduled ONLY if there are open slots as of Wednesday 3/3/2021. 
  • Determine who should attend – Should both parents be present? Should your child be present? Should you bring a translator? Please have all attendees together and available at the conference time.
  • When you log in to Zoom please make sure that you do so with your name and your child’s name to help identify yourself to the teacher.  OR  log in with your child’s BSI 686 account. 
  • Teachers will follow the sign-up schedule with no exceptions in order to make sure that everything runs as smoothly as it can. 

Report Cards will be available starting on Wednesday. You will be able to  access through the following: 

  1. Students: Go to TeachHub(Open external link) (sign in with your DOE student account credentials)
  2. Parents: Sign into your New York City Student Account (NYCSA)


K-5 Teachers 

Ms. Rita (Cohort KA & KB)  Click here

Ms. Micara (Cohort KC & KD): Click here

Ms. Eve (Cohort 1A & 1B): Click here  

Ms. Luka (Cohort 1C & 1D): POSTPONED- Ms. Luka is on a maternity leave.

Ms. Mila  (Cohort 2A & 2B): Click here 

Ms. Mathis (Cohort 2C & 2D): Click here

Ms. Karunagaran (Cohort 3A & 3B): Click here 

Ms. Sevgi (Cohort 3C & 3D):Click here 

Mr. O’Hickey  (Cohort 4A & 4B): Click here

Ms. Anne (Cohort 4C & 4D): Click here 

Ms. Audrey  (Cohort 5A & 5B): Click here

Ms. Y (Cohort 5C & 5D): Click here 

Middle School Teachers 

6th Grade Humanities w/ Ms. Mooney: Click here 

6th Grade Math w/ Ms. Marcy: Click here

7th Grade Humanities w/ Ms. Sacilotto: Click here

7th Grade Math w/ Ms. Liza: Click here

8th Grade Humanities w/ Ms. Sophia: Click here

8th Grade Math w/ Mr. Brian: Click here

Cluster Teachers 

Ms. Diane (Dance K-5 ): Click here

Coach Shea (Physical Education K-5): Click here 

Mr. Dennis (Science K-5): Click here

Mr. Ron (Science Gr6-8): Click here

Ms. Tito (Spanish Gr6-8): Click here

Ms. Nanna (Cohorts C & D  Art K-8): Click here 

Ms. Shannon (Cohorts A & B  Art K-8): Click here


Ms. Lee Mastropasqua (Social Worker): Click here 

Ms. Nicole Apostolou (Speech Therapist): Click here 

Ms. Ryan (ENL- only for students in the program): Click here  

Tiziana Como (school psychologist, Tues/Thurs/Fri) : 929-324-6926,,

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